WHIZ CONSULTING has over 7 years of experience in the field of communication industry. Whiz Consulting offers full range of Communication solutions like Public Relation, Corporate Communication, Digital Communication, and Brand Consulting Service.

Organization or Individual. Public relation is all about influencing audiences, and that’s what we do. We work like magic for your brand.
PR can be your best resource for:
• Building brand value
• Maintaining vitality
• Establishing credibility
What sets us apart is our PR that revolves around the core called ‘ideas’. Our full-fledged creative team brings in the right mix of strategy and innovation into our PR plan. We have undertaken projects for some of the country’s largest and most successful organizations. The past five years of our existence stands testimony of our excellence.
Our Expertise:-
From Media Relations and Brand Management & Positioning to Brand Marketing & Perception, Reputation Management, Online Promotion, Digital Communication and Content Development – we offer a wide range of services. With clients in every key economic sector, we have an insider’s knowledge of the media, first-hand experience of managing the needs of multi-national and indigenous clients, in-depth understanding of the corporate sector and specialist skills in managing capital projects and business and corporate relations.
Our Focus:-
We don’t just get publicity for someone or something. We concentrate on the message creation and delivery, which make a long lasting impact on the public and audience. Our work starts at the concept stage with discussion and brainstorming. Today’s administrations are in need of wise PR counselling for giving shape to an organization’s policies or even managing operations. After an in-depth research, we come up with the main theme ideas and the media that can communicate most effectively.

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